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miniThrottle, Serial Interface

miniThrottle: A model railroad WiFi throttle.

Serial Console

The full list of commands can viewed using the "help" or "help summary" commands at the serial console. The name of a command can be given as a parameter to help if you want more details about a specific command, eg: "help add". The console is case sensitive so that "A" and "a" are different. Some of the more useful commands are shown below:


Display set up

Wireless set up

DCC-Ex Only

In a WiThrottle system, the JMRI computer will provide your throttle with lists of locomotives, turnouts or routes. Although DCC-Ex allows rosters, and switches to be stored, many users may find defining them in miniThrottle easier to manage. miniThrottle does not check DCC-Ex for roster or turnout information set in the DCC-Ex controller. When using WiThrottle the programming of CVs is done though JMRI web interface, the wiThrottle interface does not allow for easy CV programming. But they can be set using miniThrottle and DCC-Ex.

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